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This is the home of m-apps:vidAR - the second in the suite of advanced mobile applications (m-apps) from High-level Algorithms Limited

vidAR is a multi-user live visual surveillance and team location tracking application. It runs on the ever growing range of Google Android™ phones and is actually a major extension of the popular m-apps:locAR live team location tracking application - adding the capability to monitor and analyse the view through the phone camera.

Please note that vidAR is currently in beta-test

The vidAR application essentially 'learns' the scene being observed through the phone camera, tracking the brightness and stability of each pixel to give a reliable background against which it can then visually detect and track 'new' optical activity within the scene. These optical tracks (associated with 'zones') are displayed directly to the user on the phone screen and, if enabled, reported by speech output.

More will be added to this web page as further developments of vidAR are released ....


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