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Terms and Conditions of Use

These are the terms and conditions under which you agree to use the m-apps:locAR application.

1: Safety. The operation of an application such as m-apps:locAR requires considerable attention. Viewing of the information it provides (particularly on a mobile phone screen) can be very distracting. Therefore, do not attempt to use m-apps:locAR in any situation where your full attention is required elsewhere. Note, in particular, that using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal in many countries!

2: Usage. Although modern GPS and network-based positioning systems can be very precise there are many conditions under which the availability and accuracy of positional fixes can be unreliable. Therefore, you should treat data presented by m-apps:locAR as 'for general guidance only' and on no account should you use m-apps:locAR for navigational purposes or for the tracking of any critical resources.

In short, you use m-apps:locAR entirely at your own risk!

3: Your Own Privacy. A major function of m-apps:locAR is to allow you to share your location amongst other m-apps:locAR users with whom you have chosen to join as a 'team' and, at your discretion, with a public audience via the 'KML generation' feature. You are given a variety of 'privacy' controls to help you manage your location security. It is your responsibility to understand and apply these controls to ensure that transmission of your location is managed at all times in such a manner as to preserve your own privacy and safety.

4: Privacy of Others. As an m-apps:locAR user you will receive location information from other m-apps:locAR team members. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is safeguarded at all times to preserve the privacy and safety of your fellow team members.

5: Availability. Many m-apps:locAR features require the timely transfer of data messages via the internet to and from our base servers. These internet links are not always reliable and messages can be lost - particularly across mobile phone networks and at times of high usage. Therefore, availability and performance of m-apps:locAR functionality cannot be guaranteed at all times. Server support for m-apps:locAR features may be limited or withdrawn without notice.

6: Data Collection. You authorize the collection and aggregation of such data (including coarse location data) as is necessary for the purposes of operating and improving the m-apps:locAR base server network. This data will not be passed on to any third party without your express permission. You are not required (nor are you recommended) to supply any information which can identify you personally in order to use m-apps:locAR.

7: Charges. Many m-apps:locAR features are free to use. These include all the Google Maps display capabilities; node management controls and the detection, display and recording of your own navigational data. However, the ability to join a 'team' and have your navigational and text data shared with your team members requires the on-going development, deployment, operation and maintenance of a base server network. Therefore, those features of m-apps:locAR which require server support may be subjected to charges (either on a 'pay as you go' basis or as a periodic subscription).

These terms and conditions may be varied without notice - please check regularly for updates.

Beyond these specific points, please just use your common sense and enjoy m-apps:locAR!


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