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These are the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of the m-apps:locAR application ...

If you have questions of your own regarding the use of m-apps:locAR send them to support@m-apps.com making sure that you have the string "m-apps:locAR" somewhere in the subject line (otherwise your email will be 'spam filtered' out!). It also helps if you can include the version number of your installed app (shown when you start locAR) and phone type (Android+make/model,iPhone) in your message. However, please first check that you have thoroughly read the Online User Guide and other FAQs.

Also note that we would much prefer to share any explanatory response with all users (either by clarifying the relevant part of the Online User Guide or by adding to this FAQ) so please don't expect a detailed individual reply every time.

Why is there a limit on team size?

The number of members within a team is currently limited to 10 in order to keep network loading manageable.

Each time a team member's navigation data is updated (every few seconds) a message must be sent to every other team member plus (if base transmission is enabled) the base server. This, of course, must be done for each member of the team. Therefore, the total number of messages is related to the square of the number of team members.

For a team with two members only 4 messages have to be sent on each update (one in each direction plus one from each to base). However, for a team of 10 members up to 100 messages must be sent. A team of 20 members would require up to 400 messages for each update!

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