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War-loc! is a 'warfare simulation' mode which allows locAR team members to fire various types of 'virtual' weapon at each other.

One of its exciting features is that players' locations and movements can be simulated OR they can actually go outside and shoot at each other with a variety of 'virtual' weapons.

Although entered via the Team menu, War-loc! is a 'mode' which remains selected regardless of which menu options are subsequently chosen. It is marked by the presence of the Peace!, Fire! and Weapon buttons at the lower edge of the screen.

Sim or Real!

Most 'war' games involve battles between opponents in a totally simulated world. The simulation facilities built in to locAR allow you and your co-wargamers to 'virtually' fly around anywhere on Earth.

However, with War-loc! you can also try something a little more 'realistic' ...

As locAR is (of course) a 'location aware' application, it is possible to conduct your military campaign against your team mates out there in the real world (albeit still with 'simulated' weapons!). To do this you first need to have an accurate positioning source (such as GPS) enabled. You must also be sending your precise location data to your team by selecting "Team: Tx FULL RESOLUTION!" on the Data menu.

Obviously, bear your 'location privacy' in mind when doing this. In particular, don't have "Base Tx" enabled if you are near to your home. Better still, make sure you have a private zone defined around each of your (geographically!) sensitive areas (to stop any transmission to base), with their TxP checkboxes ticked (to send nav data to your team).

Finally, select the 'azimuth' aim mode so that the compass direction of your phone is used for directing weapons.

Given these basic precautions you should be able to go outside and engage your team by actually pointing your phone in the direction of your opponent and shooting! Bear in mind that GPS positioning errors of several metres (or more) are typical and your phone's magnetic field sensor is perhaps not the most consistent device - so a little trial and error in aiming may be required before you actually hit the target. GPS errors are less of a problem if you are some distance from your target. As a suggestion, try getting used to this environment using your laser before trying anything more ambitious. Get ready, ... aim, .....


Fires the currently selected weapon (decrementing the remaining stock by one). The weapon is launched along either the current heading or azimuth (compass direction), as selected via the Aim mode.

You can fire multiple weapons (of different types) but expect the screen to become a little confusing if you overdo it! The most recently fired munition is centred in the screen (unless you tap near another object to follow that instead). As selected munitions detonate others are automatically centred.


Toggles the currently selected 'weapon' between:-

  • LASER: Your very own DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) - this one even has a 'recoil' effect (what!?). The 'beam' is shown as a thick green line. The damage to your opponent's health depends upon how near the beam passes - with a ZTOF (Zero Time Of Flight) you've got no excuses for missing! Also useful for giving someone in your team a 'nudge'!

  • BULLETs, GRENADEs, MORTARs and SHELLs: Four types of 'ballistic' munition launched at various speeds and with varying explosive yields. Pitch your phone up to control firing angle (to around 45 degrees for maximum range). Once launched these cannot be guided, but (like any other munition) can be detonated manually.

  • MISSILE: Missiles are automatically guided laterally towards any other team node within 10km - though you control their climb/descent by pitching your phone up or down. They detonate automatically if within 300m of the target (horizontally AND vertically) or after 60 seconds of flight.

    Missiles have a limited turn rate, so they will often circle their currently tracked target (or maybe even choose another one!).

  • NUKE 1KT: a 1 kilo-ton 'tactical' nuke. These can do some serious damage but watch out yourself for that shock-wave!

  • NUKE 20KT: a 20 kilo-ton nuke. If you fire one of these you had better head in the opposite direction - fast!

    Shields Up!

    With all these weapons being fired at you from all quarters you'd be forgiven for thinking that your days as a 'War-loc' are numbered. However, in best "Star Trek" tradition you have your very own 'shields' to take the brunt of each attack - for a while at least. As soon as you take any sort of hit you will see a shield percentage box appear just above the weapon selection indicator.

    Initially at 100%, your shield strength will decrease depending on the yield, distance and duration of each weapon detonation (or laser hit). Only when your shield strength drops to zero are you finally declared "dead" - and forced to leave your current team. You can rejoin your team immediately, but your shield strength will only recover at a fixed rate - so keep out of trouble for a while!


    Toggles the aiming of your weapon between 'azimuth' and 'heading' modes. In azimuth mode you can shoot in one direction while moving in another. This control is only displayed if both azimuth and heading are known.


    Detonates the currently selected munition.


    'Weary of war'? This takes you out of War-loc mode and replenishes your weapons arsenal.
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