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Team Name Tips

This page suggests a few team naming conventions that might help you make initial contact with other locAR users with whom you might share a particular general location, interest, profession, etc. The general idea is that these 'public teams' be used as a point of 'first contact', from which you can move on to create your own teams as you get to know other locAR users.

The obvious 'health warning' here is that when you join a public team you are likely to start sharing location and text data with people you do not yet know!. Therefore, be sure to apply the appropriate privacy controls before you join a public team. This should certainly include setting your Team Tx Resolution to something fairly coarse - say, the deci-degree (~10km) setting at most. It is also recommended that you enter simulation mode and 'fly away' from your home location. Don't forget that even in a 'private zone' your location can be sent to other team members if you have applied the TxP checkbox option to that zone.

To recap (from the Team page): the concept of a 'team' in locAR is very simple. It is a group of (up to 10) users who have submitted a join request with the same team name and password. Team names can be up to 15 characters in length, capitalisation is ignored and non-alphanumeric characters are removed. Passwords are similar but limited to 10 characters.

Team Size Limit

The team size limit of 10 members (see why) is obviously important here. The suggested solution is to append a simple numeric postfix (1,2,...) to the team name so that you can try each one in succession if the first one you try is already full.

Also, please don't 'hang around' in a public team - particularly if it is approaching its membership limit. Give someone else a chance to participate by creating a new team of your own as soon as you can. Note that if you tell other members your new team name (and password) via locAR texting you should still treat it as a 'public' team with regard to privacy (as they will all know where it is).

Team Name and Password Suggestions

The table below suggests the general form of team name and password that you might use to make early contact with other locAR users.

(one of)
CityCity nameCountry, County, Province, StateLondon2/England



InterestinterestClub, Society, GroupCamping3/Club



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