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The Text Menu

The Text menu supports the distribution of text messages to all members of your team and, optionally, to your base server to annotate your Google Earth display.

A text message can be up to 145 characters long. Only alphanumerics and punctuation characters are allowed in texts (any other characters are stripped).

The most recent text message sent by a team member is shown immediately below that member's node UID - followed by the time elapsed since transmission. If the Text menu is displayed the latest team node to send you a text is automatically centred on your display. You can also list sent and received texts (see the List option below).

To send a text simpy enter it into the edit box and press ...


Sends the content of the edit box to all current members of your team. If the text is more than one character long it is saved for later retrieval (up to the 80 most recently sent texts can be retrieved). All previously sent texts can be deleted from the saved history in one go via the Clr Otxts button on the Data menu.

Note that you can delete your most recently sent text from team members' displays by just sending a single full-stop (".").


Recall one of your 80 most recent sent texts into the edit box, from where it can be sent.


Toggles on or off display of a scrolling text list at the bottom of the screen. Texts newly received (or sent by you) appear at the lowest line and scroll up. Texts you have sent are shown in red; those received from your team members are in blue. All text messages are prefixed by the time of transmission and sender UID.

Note that, if shown, the text list remains on display even when you leave the Text menu.

All sent and received messages can be deleted from the text list in one go via the Clr Tlist button on the Data menu.


Pages the text list through up to 10 previous groups of 8 texts. Press List to return to the latest group.


Scans along lines in the text list that are too long to fit across the screen.


Converts the current edit box text to uppercase and appends an exclamation mark ("!"). This is the text equivalent of SHOUTING!

On receipt, the presence of the final "!" causes the displayed system message (at the top of the screen) to be backlit in magenta with a short buzz. Appending a second "!" triggers a red-backlit message and a longer buzz.


Checking this option enables the transmission of subsequent texts to your base server (as well as your team). If base transmission is also enabled the text most recently sent by you is shown against your Google Earth marker.

This might, for example, be used to indicate your general status or, perhaps, to deliver commentary on a 'guided tour'.

To reduce the chances of private, 'team-only' texts being broadcast unexpectedly this option is automatically disabled on entering the Text menu.


Deletes the currently selected text from the saved history. Note that all of your own sent texts can be deleted in one go via the Clr Otxts button on the Data menu.


Toggles the foreground text colour used for displaying messages against each node (not in the list). This is sometimes necessary to make text easily visible against the current map background.

Two of the options have non-transparent backgrounds for full clarity; the rest have a transparent background. The background selection is also applied to the list display.


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