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The Snap Menu

The Snap menu supports the capture and distribution of camera images to all members of your team and, optionally, to your base server for viewing via the web.


Initiates capture of an image via the camera and, if enabled, subsequent timed captures. If the option to show images to other team members or the web has been enabled then, following each image capture, a progress bar appears as the image is uploaded to the base server for distribution.

While image upload is progressing the 'Snap!' button is replaced by a 'Stop!' button. This lets you cancel upload of the current image and immediately re-enables the 'Snap!' button.

Note that only the most recent image captured is made available to other team members.


Deletes the current snap for this phone (if any), removing it from all team phone and web displays.


Enables/disables or toggles timed image captures. Whenever this is changed any current timed capture is cancelled. Press 'Snap!' to start the selected timed capture sequence (if any).


Toggles the distribution of captured images to either just this phone, your current team or for viewing via the web.

Pic View

When a selected node has an image this button appears to allow switching between three views of that image. These are the node thumbnail view, mid-size view and full view, respectively (above).


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