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The Simulation mode allows you to 'fly away' from your actual location to anywhere on Earth!

Sim Controls

Starting 'sim' mode displays a set of 'sim controls' for adjusting your speed, climb and turn rate. Additional position controls let you GoTo a specific latitude/longitude or move (Here) to the currently displayed map location.

Its called the 'simulation mode' (rather than just a menu) as the sim controls remain on display even when you subsequently visit other menus (unless you hide them). In particular, sim mode is often used in association with War-loc mode, in which the weapon-control buttons are displayed below the sim controls at the bottom of the screen.


Speed+ and Speed- increase and decrease your simulated speed in 5m/s steps.


Climb+ and Climb- adjust your current simulated climb (or descent) rate. Each press increases or decreases the rate by 0.5m/s.


L(eft) and R(ight) adjust your current turn rate by 0.5 degrees per step. The current turn rate is added to the current roll orientation value to determine the actual rate at which your simulated track turns.


Hides the simulation controls. You can still 'fly' around by simply rolling the phone left or right. The sim controls are re-shown whenever the Menu button is pressed.


The Posn control displays two further controls for setting your simulated location


Sets your simulated location to the current screen centre. The screen may have been dragged to the target location or, typically, a team or user node might be selected (and centred on the screen) first.


Sets your simulated location to the latitude and longitude entered in the two text boxes. Latitudes south of the equator and longitudes west of the Greenwich meridian must be entered as negative values.

Finally ...


Terminates 'sim' mode. This moves your own node back to its actual position (network or GPS-sourced). Note that, in order to prevent any inadvertant disclosure of your actual location, the base transmission resolution is limited to Base: Deci-degrees(~10km) and the team transmission resolution is limited to Team: Centi-degrees(~1km) on leaving sim mode.


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