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The Nav Menu

The Nav menu presents detailed navigational data for your own phone or the currently selected reference (team) or user node. It allows you to calibrate the current phone angular position and select the units for both distance and speed. Finally, it gives you access to the simulation menu - allowing you to 'fly away' from your actual location.

The navigational data shown on entry to the Nav menu is initially that for your own phone. Depending on the data available (determined by your enabling of GPS or 'network' location sensing) up to three rows of figures are presented ...

The top row (black background) shows the current location as latitude and longitude, along with (for your own phone only) an indicator of the current source of location data (e.g. "source NET" for 'network' location, "source GPS" for GPS location or "source SIM" for simulated position).

The second row (blue background) shows altitude (ALT), speed (SPD) and heading (HDG). These are only available if a GPS sensor is actively receiving location data or you are simulating your navigational data. Speed and heading are shown if you are moving.

The third row (red background) shows (if available) 'azimuth' (AZMT), pitch (PTCH) and roll. Azimuth is your phone's 'compass' direction (relative to due North along the horizon).


Displays the navigational data of the currently selected 'reference' node (if any). The reference node is a member of your current team that you have selected via the List menu or by simply touching near a displayed member's display symbol.


Displays navigational data for the currently selected 'user' node (if any). User nodes include items such as waypoints, points, zones and tracks that are managed via the Node menu along with various 'munitions' (shells, missiles, etc) that are created (and destroyed!) in War-loc mode.


Calibrates the phone 'attitude' (roll and pitch, but not azimuth) sensor positions to zero regardless of its actual orientation. This can be used, for example, to display subsequent changes in the attitude of an object to which the phone is fixed. To reset, just apply with the phone on a 'level' surface.


Toggles the units in which distances are displayed, through the sequence :-

  • Metres
  • Kilometres
  • Miles (Imperial)
  • NM (Nautical Miles)

    If distances are being shown in metric (metres/km) then altitude is also shown in metres. If distances are in miles or nautical miles then altitude is shown in feet.

    Note that some distance values in system messages (e.g. zone radius) are always shown in metric.


    Toggles the units in which speed is displayed, through the sequence :-

  • Metres per Second
  • Kilometres per Hour
  • Miles per Hour
  • Knots (Nautical Miles per Hour)


    Displays the simulation menu - allowing you to 'fly away' from your actual location!
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