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The Main Menus

The 'main' menu buttons (below) each present a new menu screen containing controls dedicated to a specific set of functions. Some of these menu screens offer further menu buttons, which in turn lead on to more specific controls. Click any menu button to learn about its function. (TIP: start with the Data menu if you are currently setting up locAR for the first time).

The basic function of each menu is as follows :-
Data Location transmission controls and access to the User menu
Nav Display and control of navigation data and access to the Sim menu
Text Transmission of mini-text messages to all team members at once
Map Map display scale, centring, mode and Spot controls
Team Team membership controls, access to the team List menu and War-loc!
Node Node creation, deletion and editing controls

In addition to the menu buttons, four other controls on this page have specific functions ...


The Cam button ends the 'Map View' mode and enters the 'Cam View' mode. Cam View presents your team environment against the backdrop of the live view through your handset's camera. Cam View always uses landscape (wider than tall) screen orientation, so if Cam is pressed while in portrait screen orientation the screen is rotated to landscape orientation prior to entering Cam View mode (which takes several seconds). This button is also present in the landscape Map View.


The Flip button rotates the screen between portrait and landscape orientations. Each rotation takes several seconds as the app effectively has to re-start - so try not to do this too often! This button is also present in the landscape Map View.


Enters/Leaves Demo mode (a quick, safe setup to get you going)


Saves your settings and terminates


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