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The Team List Menu

The Team List menu shows you the UID, distance and bearing of every other team member. It also allows you to enable or disable transmission of your location to all team members or to each member individually.

The Team List

If you are currently in a team and there are any members other than yourself the UID, distance and bearing of each member is listed in a row of yellow boxes. To the right of the bearing is a checkbox controlling the transmission of data to that member (more about this below). At the extreme right of each member's row is a button labelled ...


The Ref button is used to select one team member as the current 'reference' member. Being the reference member simply means that this member is selected for action by various controls. These are most notably the Ref button on the Map menu (which centres that member's location on the screen) and the Ref button on the Nav menu (which displays that member's full navigational data).

Auto Tx

The Auto Tx checkbox acts as a master enable/disable for the transmission of your location and other navigational data to the other members of your team.

If you check Auto Tx then the transmission of your data to all current team members and to any who join subsequently is automatically enabled. Select this if you are confident that only people you are happy to share your location with can join your team (they must, after all, know its name and password). You can still disable data transmission to a specific team member by unchecking the box against that member's data row. Remember, also, that the resolution of your transmitted location to your team is selectable via the Team Tx Resolution button on the Data menu.

If Auto Tx is unchecked then transmission of your location data to any subsequently joining member has to be explicitly enabled by you (using the checkbox on their data row). This is perhaps the safest option if your are visiting teams where you do not necessarily know all the members.

Dst and Brg

Not only do the Dst and Brg buttons serve as headers for the distance and bearing in the data rows below, but they each toggle on or off the display, respectively, of distance labels and bearing vectors to each team member on the map display.


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