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Team Joined

A few seconds after submitting a join request you should see a new message in the yellow 'team status' box.

If you are the first person to have joined this team (identified, don't forget, by both name and password) then the message is simply "In [yourteam]" (where "[yourteam]" is the team name). Not much else will happen (unless someone else joins). However, remember that, if metered, your team credit is being decremented by the minute even if you are alone in a team so it may be best to leave (or join another team) unless you are expecting someone else to join this team soon.

If there are already any other members of this team then the message is of the form "[n] in [yourteam]" (where "[n]" is the number of team members, including you). At the same time a message of the form "[yourUID] is in the team" is sent to all other members of this team and their team status boxes are updated to show the new number of team members.

As each new member joins this team or a current member leaves you are given a message (including that member's UID) and your team status box is updated with the new number of members.

Team Member Display

If your team contains other team members that have enabled transmission of their navigational data, then their nodes appear (typically after a few seconds delay). In the example below a second team member (UID "lexx") is present to the South of your own location.

By default your own node is linked to each team member's node by a blue 'bearing' vector. Display of bearing (and all other) vectors can be toggled on or off via the Brg button on the Team List menu.

Similarly, the distance to each team member is shown along the bearing vector (and can be toggled on or off via the Dst button on the Team List menu).


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