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Demonstration Mode

The 'demo' mode is there to help you quickly and safely try out some of the features of m-apps:locAR.

On entering demo mode you automatically join team "demo" which (as mentioned in recent News) is where we will try to maintain a presence with user "lexx" (and maybe the occasional visitor). You are also placed into simulation mode and relocated to Kennedy Space Center, Florida! The Team Tx Resolution is set to full resolution (since your viewed location is simulated) and auto-tx of your position to your team is enabled. Finally, War-loc! mode is selected so you can play around with the firing controls.

A few seconds after entering demo mode you should see confirmation of your "demo" team membership and, if "lexx" or anyone else is present, you will see a blue line from your own node (typically named "user..." when you first start up) to any other nodes present. You will be 'flying' at 5m/s - the sim controls are visible so you can change this. To control your direction just roll the phone left or right. Use the scale In/Out controls on the Map menu to zoom in or out.

On exit from demo mode (next time you press "Demo" or "Exit") you leave the team, simulation and war-loc modes and your other privacy controls are reset to safe values.


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