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About m-apps:locAR

The m-apps:locAR application features :-

  • the ability to share live geographic tracking data for viewing via the m-apps:locAR applications of all members of a 'team'

  • both map-based and live cam-based ('augmented reality') viewing options

  • the ability to broadcast tracking data for viewing via geographic data viewers such as "Google Earth"

  • an extensive suite of controls designed to help you safeguard your 'location privacy' at all times

  • 'home' zone entry/exit warnings

  • instant distribution of mini-text messages to all team members

  • manual or timed auto-capture and distribution of camera images to all team members

  • powerful simulation modes, including ...

  • War-loc! - a multi-user, team-based 'warfare simulator' (OK - it's a game!)

  • no registration or provision of personal data required
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