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This is the home of m-apps:locAR - the first in a suite of mobile applications (m-apps) from High-level Algorithms Limited

m-apps:locAR is a multi-user live team location tracking application which runs on the new generation of 'smart' mobile phones, such as the growing range of Google Android™ phones and (coming soon) the Apple iPhone™.

The primary purpose of locAR is to share live location tracking, motion and orientation data, camera images and texts across a 'team' of locAR users. This data is shown either against a Google Maps background or as an 'augmented reality' (AR) overlay upon the live view through the handset camera. Updates occur in 'near real-time' (fresh data is distributed every few seconds). Any one team can contain up to 10 members (located anywhere in the world) and new teams can be created whenever required. No registration process nor provision of personal information is required to use locAR.

In addition to live navigational data, positional entities such as waypoints, zones and tracks can be created and shared across a team. Team interaction is further supported by the sharing of instant messages (each up to 145 characters long) and camera snaps. The capture and sharing of camera images can be automated at various intervals - effectively turning a phone into a wireless, location aware, web-cam.

Finally, two powerful simulation modes let you 'fly around' anywhere in the world and engage team members in "War-loc!" - a live battle sim in which lasers, missiles and other weapons can be 'fired' between handsets (you even 'feel' the effect of being hit!).

Whilst the 'team data sharing' features of m-apps:locAR are its most notable, your own data can also be 'broadcast' live for viewing on any suitable PC via an "Earth browser" such as Google Earth. This is a common feature of trackers, but locAR goes one step further by giving you live control over the orientation and distance from which your location is viewed.

Crucially, locAR has a powerful set of control features to deal with the 'location privacy' issues that inevitably arise with tracking applications. These include 'private zones' (within which your location is hidden), 'randomization' of your location within varying sized lat/long boxes, timed limits on data transmission and direct control over which team members can track you.

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