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Welcome to m-apps

m-apps.com is home to a mobile applications ('m-apps') suite from High-level Algorithms Limited.

m-apps run on the new generation of 'smart' mobile phones, such as the growing range of Google Android™ phones.

The m-apps site is deliberately kept simple and clear of unnecessary images to make it easier to view the User Guides and other documentation via these mobile phones.

First in the m-apps suite is a location-based live team-tracking application called 'm-apps:locAR'. This is now available for Android phones via the Google Market.

Learn more or start using m-apps:locAR now ...

The second member of the m-apps suite is actually a major extension of locAR - called 'm-apps:vidAR'. This new app is still under pre-release development and is currently out on beta-test. vidAR adds the capability to monitor and analyse the view through the phone camera.


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